The depends on the course. Each course will include both a Course Details and Course Outline section, so you can see exactly what will be covered and if the course is a good match for both you and your dog.

All our courses are a combination of helpful narrated presentations, video examples and handouts. This is to ensure you and your dog get the information you need to achieve your dog training goals.

No! You may enroll in as many courses as you wish!

We do recommend participants who are interested in enrolled as Students to limit themselves to 3 courses per dog per Student Session. This will help ensure the dog does not become overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted.

When enrolling in our online courses, you will choose from three different enrollment options: Student, Auditor and Watcher.

Student will have the most intensive learning experience, submitting weekly homework and video assignments to the instructor to review.

Auditors enjoy the perfect intermediary. They will have full access to all the course materials, the freedom to go through this material at their own pace and may submit 1 video to the instructor to review and provide feedback on via email.

The Watcher option is our self-taught option, meaning participants will have full access to the course materials and may go through the material at their own pace. If they desire any instructor feedback, they may purchase a video review or private virtual consultation for an additional fee.

The cost for the course will depend upon the enrollment option chosen and the total length of the course itself.

Great question! When you first enroll, you will create an account with Online Dog Training University, Inc.

Your email will your username and you will create an account password.

You may then login here to access any online courses, seminars, webinars or eBook you purchased through our three platforms: Pet Dog U, Dog Sport University and Scent Work University.

Great question! Each Student enrollment covers 1 dog. However, there is an option to choose multiple dogs when you first enroll. There is a $50/fee for each additional dog you submit videos for

Each course will have its own private Facebook Student Group. You will be able to post your videos and homework assignments there.

If you prefer to not use Facebook - trust us, we get it - you may arrange to submit your homework and links to your videos to the instructor via email.

We definitely want to hear from you! At the end of each course, there will be a short feedback form that you may fill out. When you do, we will send you a $25.00 gift certificate as a small "Thank You" for taking the time to provide your feedback.


Our webinars are typically 45 or 90 minutes in length.

You will enjoy continual access to all webinars you purchase, whether it be a live or recorded webinar.

This means there are no deadlines or cut-off dates. You may watch the webinar as often as you like for as long as you like!

YES! After each live webinar, we edit the entire presentation to ensure the video and audio quality are excellent quality.

Once the editing is complete (usually in a few hours of the live webinar being completed), the webinar replay will be accessible on your Online Dog Training University, Inc. account, which you may login to here.

YES! We have pre-made packages for your convenience or you may create a custom package with the webinars you are most interested in.

All of our webinar packages offer a 10% discount.


We are all about offering choices. You may submit your payment securely using either PayPal, Google Pay or via credit card. All options are secure and Online Dog Training University, Inc. does not store your credit card information.

Unfortunately, no. We do not offer installment payments or plans. We do, however, offer Course Packages and Webinar Packages, which will include an automatic 10% discount.

Great question! While Online Dog Training University, Inc. does feature a variety of highly qualified instructors who may approach the subject of dog training from different angles, all services will be provided using positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques.

No. As with all dog training services, the results hinge on a multitude of variables. These include the physical and behavioral status of the dog as well as the frequency, consistency and proficiency in which the training is conducted. It would be unethical and improper for Online Dog Training University, Inc. to guarantee results for any of our online dog training services.

We are very busy here at Online Dog Training University, Inc., constantly releasing new dog training resources, so you definitely want to stay in the loop.

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NO! We do NOT sell your information to any third parties.

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