All About Scent Work Podcast

Ep. 82: Senior Dogs and Tough Decisions

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, we discuss Scent Work-specific considerations. This is a sensitive and emotional subject. These decisions must be individualized and customized. There are no right or wrong answers. As long handlers are mindful and thoughtful in their decisions, including an honest assessment of how their dog is faring, then all is good.

Ep. 81: Being Tough v. Reality

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, we discuss the importance of being realistic in assessing what is going on at both ends of the leash before embarking on a "we'll suck it up 'till we get what we want" adventure. How being more pragmatic and flexible may be the better path to take when doing Scent Work with our dogs.

Ep. 80: Frustration Threshold...Say What?!

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, Dianna explains how she defines the term of "frustration threshold" and what it looked like with her own dog, both inside and outside the context of Scent Work.

Ep. 79: Allure to Rush

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, we discuss why people may rush when participating in Scent Work, the various issues rushing can cause and what your instructor may be going through when you choose to rush against their best of intentions and advice.

Ep. 78: Your Dog Is Guessing
In this episode, we discuss this reality and how we, as handlers and trainers, need to be as clear as possible with our dogs to help them truly understand the sniffing game we want them to play.
Ep. 77: Cyber Scent Work: Tracy and Harry
As part of our ongoing Cyber Scent Work, Inc., series, in this episode we learn about Tracy Martin's journey in Scent Work, her amazing dogs as well as how she is helping clients learn about and thrive while playing the sniffing game.
Ep. 76: Breaking It Down
Instructors should ensure their program in indeed cultivating the approach of "breaking down", for both their canine and human clients, and avoiding the allure to lump, assume or rush ahead. We discuss this and more in our latest podcast episode.
Ep. 75: Cyber Scent Work: Jo Ann and Lucy
The second in our ongoing series where we strive to learn more about participants of Cyber Scent Work, Inc., in this episode we have an engaging conversation with Jo Ann Dombeck about her journey into Scent Work, having three awesome little sniffing dogs and her experience with Cyber Scent Work.
Ep. 74: The Challenge of Growth
We discuss the importance of finding the balance of accepting how our dogs are while still striving them to be the best version of themselves they can be.
Ep. 73: Cyber Scent Work: Anniversary Celebration
In this episode, we hear from the co-founders of Cyber Scent Work, Inc., Dianna L. Santos and Sean McMurray, about these changes and the plans for the future.
Ep. 72: Cyber Scent Work: Lisa and Rickon
We are thrilled that Lisa agreed to speak with us about her experience with Cyber Scent Work, Inc. and we look forward to hearing from more Cyber Scent Work participants to hear about their take and future sniffy plans.
Ep. 71: Canine Fitness and Scent Work
There is a misconception that canine fitness and Scent Work have nothing to do with one another. This could not be further from the truth! In this podcast, Donna will outline the importance of canine fitness and why puppies, dogs and senior dogs benefit from participating in these programs.
Ep. 70: Human v. Canine Experience with Odor
In this podcast episode, we discuss this vastly different experience on either end of the leash and how we as handlers need to own our own shortcomings. How we must improve our own skills, both in understanding odor and in reading and supporting our dogs, to best allow our dog to be successful.
Ep. 69: Spotlight: ARSA - Titling Opportunity
This is excellent conversation discussing the details of ARSA and also how handlers may volunteer for local SAR-groups, to learn the ropes and see if they and their dogs may up for the task to join a team and deployed.
Ep. 68: Roundtable: Managing Expectations

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos, Michelle Doram, Jill Marie O'Brien, Jessica Koester and Monica Flores

In this roundtable discussion headed by Michelle Doram, we hear from the three varied experiences on how to manage expectations when competing in Nose Work.

Ep. 67: Understanding Canine Body Behavior

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, we discuss the importance for everyone, but particularly trainers, instructors and trial officials, to have a solid understanding and education regarding canine body behavior to ensure everyone stays safe.

Ep. 66: Spotlight: Dana Zinn and Sue Sternberg Collaborative

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos, Dana Zinn and Sue Sternberg

In this spotlight episode, we speak with Dana Zinn and Sue Sternberg about their collaborative. Dana and Sue are helping Scent Work teams elevate their training by focusing on the handler, highlighting what we are saying to the dogs during a search and how we may be clearer and more supportive throughout.

Ep. 65: Enough is Enough

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos

In this hard-hitting podcast episode, Dianna encourages the Scent Work community to be better. Stop bashing one another on social media. Stop stealing joy from other. Professional trainers and instructors stop expecting reverence instead of simply sharing their expertise. Enough is enough.

Ep. 64: That Was Too Easy...Or Was It?

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, we discuss the importance of keeping in mind what our goals are when we are training and properly rewarding the dog when they do what we were looking for in the first place. If your dog aced the same search in a trial, you would be THRILLED. Why then are you disappointed in training?

Ep. 63: Instructor Talk - Dealing with Expectations

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos, Michelle Doram, Michele Ellertson, Michael McManus and Khara Schuetzner

This roundtable discussion is dedicated to all the Scent Work instructors out there. In this episode, we discuss dealing with expectations and how instructors can steal their own joy if they are not careful. 

Ep. 62: Instructor Talk - Cringey Trial Moments

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos, Michelle Doram, Michele Ellertson, Michael McManus and Khara Schuetzner

In this roundtable episode, we discuss what makes Michelle Doram, Michele Ellertson, Michael McManus and Khara Schuetzner cringe at Scent Work trials. We hope that everyone who competes gives this episode a listen to ensure they are not causing their trial officials to cringe.