It's Time to Train Your Dog Podcast

Ep. 8: Superbowl Sunday What About the Dog

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, we cover some of the ways you can better set your dog up for success leading up to Superbowl Sunday. This way you can enjoy the game instead of butting heads with your canine friend.

Ep. 7: Now's the Time for Positive Reinforcement

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

Now more than ever, we need to apply the concepts of positive reinforcement, not to our dogs, but to ourselves as well. Granting ourselves the permission to try and then noticing and rewarding those attempts, not matter how small and incremental they may be.

Ep. 6: No Dabbling in Service Dogs!

Speakers: Dianna L. Santos, Laura Demaio Roy

Service dogsĀ (not therapy dogs, not emotional support dogs, SERVICE DOGS) allow for their handlers to have an improved and more independent life. Therefore, the professional dog trainers who are training and placing these dogs MUST be of the highest caliber.

Ep. 5: Importance of Puppy Naps

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

When talking about puppies, we are typically focusing on socialization, training and exposing them to the world in a safe way. But an equally, if not more so, part of the equation is napping. Our puppies need lots of opportunities to nap so that they can properly process all that we are teaching them, all they are learning and to help them grow

Ep. 4: Prepare Your Dog: Medical Procedures

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this podcast, we discuss the need to prepare our dogs, through training, to accepting and even enjoying such things as the "cone of shame", crates and more. We discuss the importance of incorporating this type of training for ALL dogs.

Ep. 3: How to Train Your Dog to Be Naughty

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this podcast episode, we will discuss a common pitfall many dog owners fall into, including trainers, where they inadvertently train their dogs to be naughty thanks to unclear routines, rules and mixed messages.

Ep. 2: Management...What is That?

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this podcast episode, we discuss what management really is, what it isn't (think something yucky, nasty or mean) and how it should work in concert with your overall dog training program.

Ep. 1: What is Positive Reinforcement

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this episode, we break down what this term actually means, why that is important and how positive reinforcement, as a training technique, not only works for dogs, it works for all animals...including people.