All About Dog Sports Podcast

Ep. 12: What Comes First, Confidence or Dog Sport?
Once clients are introduced to the concept of dog sports, a common question is: do I need my dog to be confident before tackling dog sports or will dog sports make my dog more confident? This is actually a rather meaty question and we delve into different ways you can tackle it in this podcast episode!
Ep. 11: Play Parkour, Improve in Scent Work
In this episode, Lori Timberlake walks us through how training and playing in Canine Parkour can translate to a more a confident and successful Scent Work dog, especially for those dogs were naturally more reserved and sensitive.​
Ep. 10: Why You Need Treibball
In this episode, Michael McManus breaks down the benefits of Treibball, why he is so passionate about it and how it is a great game for all dogs to play. You definitely need to check out this episode!​
Ep. 9: Getting in on Canine Parkour

There is a fun new game in town and it is Canine Parkour. It helps build confidence. It cultivates and nurtures the relationship and bond between dog and handler. It is FUN! Learn more about Canine Parkour in this podcast episode

Ep. 8: Being Mindful
In this podcast episode, we discuss how difficult it can be balance choosing WHAT you will do with your dog, WHY you are doing it, HOW you are going to it and WHEN you are going do it.
Ep. 7: Injured at Trial
In this episode, Dianna shares an experience where her personal dog was injured at a CAT (coursing ability test) lure coursing test and outlines ways all dog owners can better advocates for their dogs.
Ep. 6: Give the Dog a Vote
When we are choosing which dog sport, or dog sports, to do with our dog, it is important to give our dog a vote. However, it can be incredibly painful when what our dog wants to do, and enjoys doing, is drastically different from what our preferred dog sport may be.​
Ep. 5: Tricks Have Value
In this episode, we discuss if tricks as a whole have a value and whether they should be welcomed within the dog sport realm (hint: they should).
Ep. 4: New Year, New Training Goals
In this podcast, we discuss the benefit of designing smaller, obtainable goals that are laser focused on building specific skills for both you and your dog, and how these smaller goals will ultimately help you achieve the "big" goal of earning your desired title.
Ep. 3: Trainer. Instructor. What is the Difference?
In this episode, we will break down what exactly is meant when someone is called an "instructor" as opposed to a "trainer", whether these terms are truly interchangeable...and what being either of them should entail.​
Ep. 2: Finding Diamonds in Poop Piles

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In this podcast we will discuss how, as your dog's advocate, you owe it to them to always have an open mind, so you will be able to pick out the diamonds among the poop piles.

Ep. 1: What's the Deal with Dog Sports

Speaker: Dianna L. Santos

In our inaugural podcast, we discuss the benefits of dog sports as an activity, and how competition is a separate route that some dog owners may want to check out. And yes, we will also go into how online dog training really DOES work.