Don't Take Me Personally: Tips for Handler Proofing Webinar

Don't Take Me Personally: Tips for Handler Proofing Webinar

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Do you ever feel like you are just one step too far behind your dog? As if you any small mistake you make causes the whole search to get thrown off? That you cannot do anything because then you will distract your dog? But by doing nothing, you are not being the partner you should be?! Do you feel as if you cannot get this all right?!

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Handler proofing is about you and your dog learning how to sift through all these intricacies and get to the heart of the conversation. It is about helping your dog to be able to differentiate between what you meant to say and the inconsequential or unhelpful things you may say by accident.

Handler proofing is not a way to excuse away bad handling, thus you are will still need to strive to be the best partner you can be. However, handler proofing can help clear up confusion and solidify your hierarchy of behavior. It supports your dog in being able to develop true independent and intelligent disobedience, thus making the entire conversation during your Scent Work searches more successful.

In this webinar, we will talk about what handler proofing is, when to use it, when you might not want to use it, and discuss some strategies for how to start teaching this vital skill.


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