Multi-Hide Searches Webinar

Multi-Hide Searches Webinar

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As human handlers, we easily fall into patterns. We may start introducing our dogs to hunting for more than one hide in a given search area, but then cap it off to a certain number. Keeping our dogs guessing as to just how many hides there may be in a search area can be a great way to keep the game fun!

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Our dogs are experts of picking out patterns. This can be problematic if these patterns creep into our training. For instance, if you consistently only put out three hides when you are training, your dog may struggle with a search that has four, five or more hides within it. Introducing a variable number of hides in our searches can help cultivate our dogs love for the game as there are more and more opportunities to earn reinforcement (cookies!). However, having a balanced approach to our training is crucial!

In this webinar we will discuss the benefits of using multi-hide searches as well as some of the common pitfalls to avoid.


Dianna L. Santos

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Have you been stuck in a training rut? Introducing some variability to your set-ups can help, and using multi-hide searches can be a perfect way to accomplish this!

Does your dog need to up their overall endurance? Incrementally introducing multi-hide searches can be a great way to build your dog's searching endurance.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Help your students see the value of using multi-hide searches while also avoiding the common pitfalls.

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