When Dog Odor Trumps Target Odors: Dogs are Scary Webinar

When Dog Odor Trumps Target Odors: Dogs are Scary Webinar

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You've been working so hard with your sensitive or reactive dog and they've been doing great! They love Scent Work and you love how it is helping them lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Yet, every time you go into an area where other dogs have been, your dog's eyes glaze over and they become infatuated with the dog odor...and it is as if the target odor hides disappear. What can you do in this situation?!

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Dog who are sensitive, concerned or reactive toward other dogs bring with them a special set of considerations. For all intents and purposes, they are worried about their well-being. So, when we bring them into an area where a bunch of other dogs have been...and they are worried about those other dogs...it is going to be challenging for them to be able to play the Scent Work game.

In this webinar, we walk through the challenges these particular dogs face and how you can help them using thoughtful and fun exercises. The focus must be on your dog feeling safe and secure, with the goal being for them to develop more confidence overall so they can be happy as they search. The exercises we outline in this webinar are designed to do just that.

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Does your dog get worried and distracted around dog odor? Get ideas on how you can structure your training and what exercises you can incorporate to help them feel more secure and safe so they can actually search.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? See what tips and techniques you can incorporate in your classes to ensure all your canine students feel safe and secure and get tips on how you can help your human clients understand how they can better help their dogs.

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Probably sound like a broken record but its easy to follow, makes me (and therefore my dog) enthusiastic, go at my own pace.

David L. for Introducing Birch Course

Took me out of my comfort zone.  Making me keep training logs. Teaching me to break down behaviors. And forcing me to look at positives. That is huge because all I ever see is what we need to work on.

Kathleen V. for Now What Do I Do? Course

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