Box Smashers Webinar

Box Smashers Webinar

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Do you dread doing a Container search with your dog? Afraid there will be a destroyed pile of containers left in their wake? In this webinar, we will delve into why our dogs love to smash containers so much and what we can do to help prevent this.

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Watching a dog joyfully work out a search is a heartwarming thing. However that warm feeling of pride will disappear rapidly the moment your dog flips from searching to destroying! It is quite common for dogs to tend to smash containers as they are searching. In this webinar, we will delve into some of the reasons why dogs do this in first place and provide you with some tangible tips designed to help your dog focus more on searching and less on smashing.


Dianna L. Santos

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Does your dog smash boxes during their container searches? Then this webinar is for you! Get some helpful tips on how you can teach your dog to refrain from destroying the containers while still loving the game.

Are you an instructor? This webinar will provide you with some helpful tips you can share with your clients to ensure their dogs do not slip into the chronic box smashing tendencies.

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