When Proofing Goes Wrong Webinar

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Once our dogs understand the basic premise of the Scent Work game, we may move into offering some proofing exercises. However, if we are not careful and mindful in how we design and execute these proofing training exercises, the results can be less than ideal. You can end up with a dog who is confused, baffled or demotivated and frustrated.

In this webinar we will discuss some of the common pitfalls people fall into when designing their proofing exercises, better define what the real goal of proofing should be and how to better organize your proofing training overall.




Dianna L. Santos


Are you interested in trialing with your dog? Properly proofing your dog will ensure they are better able to work around distractions, focus on finding their hide and have a proper understanding of what this game is all about. We touch upon all of this in this webinar!

Are you currently doing proofing exercises with your dog but uncertain how they are going? See if you have inadvertently fallen into some of the common pitfalls and glean some tips on how you can shore up and improve your proof training exercises.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Ensure you are setting up your students up for success by offering solid proofing exercises as opposed to trick questions that will confuse, baffle and frustrate human and canine alike.

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Took me out of my comfort zone.  Making me keep training logs. Teaching me to break down behaviors. And forcing me to look at positives. That is huge because all I ever see is what we need to work on.

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