Interiors and Field Trips with Birch Course
Interiors and Field Trips with Birch Course
Interiors and Field Trips with Birch Course
Interiors and Field Trips with Birch Course

Interiors and Field Trips with Birch Course

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Your dog aced the Introducing Birch course and now you are ready to continue on with your sniffing journey. Let's up the ante by having your dog tackle more advanced interior searches and even taking the show on the road!

We will continue using the pairing training method, to ensure our dogs continue their positive association with Birch.

Including field trip exercises will also ensure our dogs understand they can truly play the sniffy game anywhere! This is especially important if you are ultimately interested in competing with your pup in formal Scent Work trials!

By following the K9 Nose Work® training methodology, not only are we giving your dog a strong foundation so they may be successful at a NACSW™ trial, but they will be successful competing with other Scent Work competition organizations as well!


6 weeks


Dianna L. Santos


Have you taken the Introduction to Birch course or similar course? Now that your dog has an understanding that Birch is indeed a worthwhile and valuable scent to hunt for, you can now delve into more advanced and complicated interior searches.

Are you interested in competing in Scent Work? If this is the case, then you DEFINITELY want your dog to understand that they can indeed play the sniffy game anywhere. The field trip exercises in this course will be immensely helpful.

Are you already competing and noticing some issues? We will be utilizing pairing in this course, focusing on helping the dogs understand how to work these advanced interior hide puzzles. Doing so can help inject a level of confidence and enjoyment back into the game.


  • your dog
  • collar (flat or martingale)
  • harness (back-clip) (optional)
  • leash (6'-8')
  • long line (10'-15')
  • treats (high-value and smelly)
  • crate or area dog can wait while you set-up your searches
  • boxes (minimum of 10 boxes of various sizes) (good excuse to shop at Amazon!)
  • plastic lid (from a yogurt or similar container)
  • earthquake putty or GlueDots


The Interiors and Field Trips with Birch course is designed to provide the same exact learning experience we provided to our in-person group dog training classes in a virtual format. Same great quality with more flexibility and convenience!

Here is a quick breakdown of the types of topics that will be covered each week:

  • Upping the Ante of Interior Searches
  • Threshold, Corner and Converging Odor Hides
  • Stuff v. Environment Hides
  • Playing with HVAC and Airflow
  • Elevated and Suspended Hides
  • Taking Your Sniffing On the Road


Scent Work University is fortunate to have Dianna grant us license to feature her courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform. All of the content in this offering is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Dianna L. Santos.


Probably sound like a broken record, but its easy to follow, makes me (and therefore my dog) enthusiastic, go at my own pace.

David L.
Introducing Birch Course

What did you enjoy about this course? Took me out of my comfort zone. Making me keep training logs. Teaching me to break down behaviors. That is huge because all I ever see is what I need to work on.

Kathleen V.
Now What Do I Do?! Course

I liked the pace of the course, how the material was presented and most importantly all of the wonderful feedback. I think the at-home learning experience was far better, due to the enormous amount of feedback (and encouragement!) that we would not get as much of in a live class.

Denise M.
Introduction to Scent Work Course

The explanation followed by the videos to show the skill or skills. That was helpful. The feedback on my videos was also helpful. The practices each week- gold!

Pat G.
NW3 Trial Prep Course

This was the most amazing and insightful seminar I have ever attended on Odor movement and hide placement. WOW! Thank you so very much

Ava H.
Hide Placement and Odor Movement Seminar

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