Super Sniffers: Preparing for Detective, Elite & Summit Competition Seminar

Super Sniffers: Preparing for Detective, Elite & Summit Competition Seminar

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The top levels of scent competition require teams to possess a wide array of skills and apply them to varied search areas. This seminar can help you prepare! 


Are you preparing to compete at Detective, Elite or Summit trials? Are you competing at the top levels but struggling to achieve your team's potential? This seminar will cover the many factors that handlers need to consider when training for and competing at the top levels of scent detection, from types of search areas and odor problems to time management. Videos, photos and examples of training exercises are included to help you reach your training and competition goals.


Almost 3 hours


Laurel Scarioni


This seminar is appropriate for handlers competing at or preparing to compete at the top levels of scent work such as Detective, Elite and Summit.


  • Intro and Seminar Objectives
  • Search Areas: What to Expect
  • Covering the Search Area
  • Gathering Data
  • Blank Areas
  • Inaccessible Hides
  • Converging Odor
  • Elevation
  • Objectless Hides
  • Distractors
  • False Alerts
  • Time Management and Stamina
  • Wrap-Up

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