Bill Gaskins


      AKC Scent Work Judge
      NACSW Judge
      Cyber Scent Work, Inc. Review Official
      Military Working Dog Handler of 10 dogs
      MWD Trainer for 50 dogs teams at 5 kennels
      MWD Kennel Master Manager for 2 Kennels
      MWD Instructor for 9 years with 624 graduates
      MWD Course Developer of 5 courses
      Owner and Founder of Integrity Nose Worx LLC


      Bill is an approved AKC Scent Work and NACSW Judge. Bill served 21 years in the US Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist Military Working Dog Handler of 10 different dogs, a trainer of over 50 operational K9 Team and the Kennel Master managing kennel operations all over the world. Bill trained and certified 624 operational canine teams for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan tasks from Obedience, Patrol Protection as well as Explosive and Narcotics detection.

      Bill is the proud Owner and Founder of Integrity Nose Worx.

      Bill's motto is: Whatever you "Seek" I'll train your dog to find.


      Below you will find the online courses, seminars, webinars, eBooks, video reviews and private video consultation services Bill offers through Scent Work University.