We'll help your puppy or dog be the best companion they can be!

      There are times when you need to take a deep-dive into a subject to get a full understanding of it. This is where our online family dog seminars come in!

      A combination of lecture, video examples and written resources, these virtual seminars allow you to learn from the highly experienced and talented instructors and trainers we are fortunate to partner with from the comfort of your own home. That's right, no traveling, no taking time off of work, trying to find dog sitters and all the other hassles that go along with attending an event in-person.

      With our online events, you got through the material when it is most convenient for you and if you choose the Gold Member option, schedule a virtual meeting with the speaker where you will be scheduled for 1.5 hour question and answer session.

      So what are you waiting for, register for one of our online family dog seminars today!

      Happy Training!

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