Intro to Canine Parkour Course

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Did you know you can earn Parkour Titles with your dog? You can! This course is designed to help you achieve your Novice Dog Parkour Title through the International Dog Parkour Association. But parkour is more than titles - get ready to strengthen your bond with your dog.

Course Details

Many of us already play a version of parkour with our dogs. We encourage our dogs to interact with objects when we're out and about all of the time, right? That's awesome! The focus of this course is to make sure our dogs are performing these behaviors safely so they can participate in this sport for the rest of their lives. We will focus on confidence building and giving our dogs choice when performing parkour behaviors. In this course we will be covering all of the novice parkour behaviors: 2 Feet On, 4 Feet On, Moving Obstacle, Under, Through, In, Over, Around, Balance, Wait on Obstacle, Backup, 3 Obstacle Sequence and Creativity!


Lori Timberlake



What You Need For This Course

  • harness
  • 6 foot leash
  • clicker/marker word
  • treats and an easy way to get to them (bait bag or pockets)
  • obstacles - most you can find in your house!

Course Outline

  • What is Parkour?
  • Keeping it Safe!
  • Who is Parkour for?
  • Where to Play Parkour?
  • Parkour Titles
  • Novice Parkour Behaviors

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