Intelligent Disobedience...SAY WHAT?!?!? Webinar

Intelligent Disobedience...SAY WHAT?!?!? Webinar

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Ever heard of intelligent disobedience? Want to know what it is? How to implement it? Why you may need it?

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Intelligent disobedience is the concept of your canine partner understanding there is a hierarchy of behavior in Scent Work, with some behaviors ranking higher in importance than being obedient to their handler's whims. In this scenario, your dog is more obedient to what is truly important during the search, odor.

In this webinar, we will discuss what intelligent disobedience looks like, how to help your dog learn when to make these decisions, and how to effectively use these concepts to improve your team's decision-making skills and overall search abilities in both trial and training.f


Judith Guthrie

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Are you training in Scent Work?  Learn about intelligent disobedience and how it can help propel your Scent Work searches!

Are you competing in Scent Work? Have you ever "talked" your dog into a hide that wasn't really there?! Take this webinar to learn the value of intelligent disobedience and the building of the dog's determination to focus on odor.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Identify ways to weave these concept into your curriculum to ensure your teams are properly developing and avoiding having dogs who will choose the handler's cues over odor.

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Took me out of my comfort zone.  Making me keep training logs. Teaching me to break down behaviors. And forcing me to look at positives. That is huge because all I ever see is what we need to work on.

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